The new LOM installation ceremony of JCI Shimoga Vivek Successfully completed.  The outstanding LOM President of JCI India Zone XXIV 2016, Jc Jagadish GS,  presented his outstanding score card.

Zone President of Zone XXIV Jc Swamy H, gave oath of office to Jc Uday Kadamba.  Jc Uday Kadamba has been sworn in as the 14th President of JCI Shivamogga Vivek for the Year 2017.

Servicing ZVP Jc Rajshekar delivered a high spirit speech and assured his support through out the year.  Also, Jc Rajshekar gave oath to the New members of JCI Shivamogga Vivek.

Zone President Jc Swamy H, assured JCI Shivamogga Vivek that the whole Zone Governing Board will be there for help throughout the year and motivated the new Sworn in president.

Mallikarjun .D.V. a highly knowledgeable engineer of KMF, who is bringing positive changes in his area of expertise and industry was honored.

The website of JCI Shivamogga Vivek which was developed by Jc Sathish Kumar SS, dedicated the effort to all the Past President of JCI Shivamogga Vivek.  The website is intended to record all the good work of JCI Shivamogga Vivek.  The website of JCI Shivamogga Vivek, was inagurated by JC Swamy, Zone President of JCI India Zone XXIV.

Chief guest Jc Ravikumar addressed the gathering with his inspirational speech.

Other chapter members of Shivamogga (JCI Shivamogga Bhavana, JCI Shivamogga Malnad, JCI Shivamogga Sahyadri, JCI Sorabha Vyjayanthi) attended the Installation ceremony and conveyed their wishes to the Jc Uday Kadamba, President 2017.

Master of Ceremony was done by Jc Bharathi, Jc Jagadish welcomed the gathering and Jc Keshav thanked all with his vote of thank speech.

The delicious lunch supplied by Hotel Shubham became one of the highlights of the program.

JCI Shivamogga Vivek thank all for making their time and gracing the occasion and making it success.

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EVP Jc Prakash’s Surprise Visit to JCI Shivamogga Vivek

In the evening Jc Prakash visited Hotel Shubham, called on our newly elected LOM president Jc Uday Kadamba and wished him all the success.

Jc Uday Kadamba also congratulated, Jc Prakash on being elected as executive vice president of JCI India.

Jc Prakash, EVP of JCI India, was accompanied by Jc Swamy, Zone president of JCI India Zone XXIV and Jc Rajshekar Zone Vice president Zone XXIV. Past presidents of JCI Shivamogga Vivek, Jc Suresh, Jc Deepu and Jc Manju, partner of Hotel Shubham Jc Chandrahas were present during the visit.

JCI Shivamogga Vivek thank Jc Prakash, EVP of JCI India   for his nice gesture and appreciation shown for participation of Jc Vinay in NATCON event.